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Christian Louboutin Men Following a victory over rivals on 17 points , the Spurs at home in the second war intensified, mad child Thunder 35 points . Spurs dominated the third quarter , they played a direct rout Thunder wave flow , reduced the entire fourth quarter garbage time , both sides of the starters and even then did not play Louboutin Men.

Christian Louboutin Men"We just play step by step , we won the first two games at home , I'm sure they'll bounce back , trying to win their next two home also ." Parker said after the game . The game he had a game- high 22 points , in the case of Ibaka louboutin london 's absence, the French sports car in Thunder inside as unhindered , the opponent has no way to solve the pick and roll with him in the high and inside . The game is extremely Oklahoma City two little sluggish performance , Durant and Westbrook both shot 13 Christian Louboutin Shoes Total 40 , only one of nine shots from beyond the arc , the audience is worse is that they only get five free throws . In the case of louboutin heels the absence of Ibaka , the Thunder 's defense already fragmented , now open to attack , the second took only 30 minutes less , defeat is also a sense among things . Coach Brooks said after the game , " so of course very unhappy to lose , should not lose like this and I hope the players in the locker room could sense of shame and then courage , tonight we were playing naked opponents , but returned Russia 's third city we are still a chance to win Louboutin Shoes. "

Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes Despite got a hearty victory, but Spurs are christian louboutins still cautious about the prospects christian louboutins for promotion because the 2012 Western Conference finals lesson , they said to keep a clear head , to treat every game. " Manu said after the victory is a dangerous sign, but I believe that our collective ." Danny - Green said , and then show him the game archery skills , shot 7 of 10 from beyond the arc , the louboutins shoes audience shot down 21 points for the Thunder complain incessantly . He went christian louboutin mens sneakers Mens Louboutin on to say , "I think we mature enough , our quality and experience will enable us to stay focused and not let a victory dazzled ." There is an interesting episode , O'Neill after the game boasting an interview after the Christian Louboutin On Sale game to connect the cheap christian louboutin uk Green , Green accurate three-point can be attributed to him , he said he made ??his teammates in Cleveland and Green when the shooting was in regard to the Green some advice. Green also sell seniors face, replied: . " . European , yes, thanks to you, you have always been a pure shooter, I have been to learn from you Christian Louboutin Men."

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